31 July 2013

GikII: Law, Technology and Popular Culture... and Comics?


This post is not to do with the upcoming Graphic Justice One-Day Symposium, but is about a related project that some of you may be familiar with: GikII. It has been kindly pointed out to me that GikII focuses its interest on the intersections of law, technology, and popular culture, so there may be some fruitful overlap between the two projects. It certainly looks like a thoroughly exciting and engaging project! Check out the CFP for their upcoming September conference taking place in Bournemouth: http://www.gikii.org/?p=129

5 July 2013

Why don't we just kill 'em all?

This is just a quick post to give you all a link you may find interesting.

Ever thought about the deathworthiness of criminals? Well, Graphic Justice Research Alliance members Nickie Philips and Staci Strobl have. Here is a very interesting article which they have written for the Wall Street Journal.

Be warned: it contains spoilers for the latest Superman blockbuster Man of Steel.

As an aside, you can now find a link to Philips and Strobl's CrimCast blog on the links page.