17 November 2015

Comics Forum 2015: Some Notes

Hi all! Just back from Comics Forum 2015 (and the associated Thought Bubble convention) in Leeds, UK. A thoroughly splendid two days of comics discussion and antics (and another wonderful two days at Thought Bubble, with yet more antics and great comics discoveries)! In lieu of a formal write-up, let me placate you instead with scans of my visual notes from all the panels I attended. There were two streams for the most part, so this is only half of the interesting variety of papers given. To make things more fun, I have not grouped these notes in their respective panels, choosing instead letting each image/summary speak for itself.

Apologies to anyone I have depicted for the general lack of likeness, and for my reductive misrepresentations of what were detailed and rich discussions on a wide range of topics. I hope, nonetheless, these give some flavour of the event.